WHY prd?


Quality Control

PRD has been striving to provide in time the best quality analytical services to its valued customers with utmost precision and accuracy. We have in place a Quality Management System of our services to maintain the best possible quality of our testing. Our quality policy is given below:

” PRD is committed to provide timely & reliable testing and technical support services in the field of petroleum products, petrochemicals, chemicals and Environment related emissions, effluents and wastes. PRD commits to continually improve its Quality Management System to meet customer requirements and legal obligations.”


We perform the testing as per recognized Standard Test Methods.

Quality Assurance

PRD has always very conscious regarding the quality of its analytical services. We continuously evaluate the whole process of testing since its beginning to the test result delivery. We have the comprehensive quality assurance program to get the quality test results.

The salient features of quality control may be elaborated as below:

  • Selection of appropriated Test Method such as ASTM, UOP, APHA, etc. as per the requirement of testing parameters. 
  • Understand the principal behind the test applied.
  • Ensure Quality of Test reagents.
  • Proper calibration of equipment.
  • Assign the most relevant man power according to his experience and qualification.
  • Actual test performance.
  • Computation of test results.
  • Analysis and verification of these test results by the seniors.
  • Repeat-ability and Trace-ability of test results.
  • Dispatch of Test results to the client.

PRD adheres to its quality assurance program. Any deviation from this program is rectified by raising Non Conformance Reports (NCRs) according to the certification requirements and the matter is investigated and rectified.

Internal Quality Audit

PRD conducts internal quality audits on all activities at regular intervals to determine if the QMS conforms to planned arrangements established by PRD, confirming to ISO 9001:2015 standard and if the QMS is effectively implemented and maintained. Auditors do not audit their own area of responsibility. Corrective actions are taken without delay. Follow up is carried out to verify the effectiveness of actions taken.